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Monday, April 29, 2013

Eat Your Omegas!

If you are thinking of adding an omega-3 fatty acid supplement into your diet routine, just take a closer look at the food your consuming. It's recommended that you eat at least two servings each week, but if you have a history of heart disease, 1 gram per day is often recommended.  

Some people are not big on eating fish or other omega-3 rich foods, so this is where supplements come in handy. Because the most common side effect of fish oil is indigestion and gas, opting for a supplement with an enteric coating may help cut down on this.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Skinny on Alcoholic Drinks

TGIF! In the spirit of the weekend, I figured I would touch on a subject that some dieters are concerned with...ALCOHOL! Anyone who drinks and wants to diet always struggles with what to drink. For some this is harder than others. I'm a beer lover, so changing that habit was a little more difficult. But luckily for me, I also like wine and vodka. So I recently found my new favorite "skinny" girl cocktail: Raspberry Vodka, Water, Fresh Lime Slice. This drink is so refreshing that you are hydrating while dehydrating, lol. 

Depending on the type of vodka used, depends on the total calories in this drink. My concoction is under 100 calories.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Join a Recreational Sports League

I grew up playing sports my entire life and when college ended, I stopped playing. This was right about the time I began gaining weight, and lots of it! It wasn't until I moved states away on my own that I decided I should meet some people in my new town. I came across a listing looking for softball players. So I said what the hell, why not? It was a coed league. I met some new people, while realizing it had been way too long since I played and I missed it. The team didn't play another season and I was left alone again.