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I love to research and read more articles in the health and fitness industry, including fellow bloggers. While I will give my page props for covering multiple topics (this is me patting myself on the back), I do realize I can't possibly cover everything (this is me being humble lol). So here's where I share some of my favorite finds. If you think I'm leaving something out or your think your blog or site should be featured here, shoot me an email at with a link to your site and I'll review it. If I think it's a great fit to add here, I'll email you and let you. I love sharing info with my fellow fitties! 

100 Days of Real Food
Great Recipes, Meal Planning Info, Shopping on a Budget and so much more useful info when it comes to food.

Snack Girl

Weight Loss and Food come together on this blog to provide healthy eating recipes and tips. 

Fit Bottomed Girls
Looking to try Crossfit or maybe Cycling, but what about Yoga? Well whatever you are thinking, they cover a variety a exercises. You'll also find food info and reviews on fitness related product.  

Health Topics
WebMD Runner's Knee
Run a lot and have issues with knee pain? WebMD explains Runner's Knee, including causes, symptoms, and and prevention. 

Cleveland Clinic Diet, Exercise and Stress on the Immune System
This article tackles the impact that daily factors have on our immune system and the various things you can do and foods you can eat to can improve it. 

Men's Fitness Workout Gear
The best gadgets at the 2013 CES Conference to add to your fitness plan. 

PC Mag Activity Trackers
With so many different brands and types of exercise, sleep and diet trackers it's difficult to pick which is best for your needs. This article covers product highlights, pricing and reviews. 


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